Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Before Getting a Tattoo

1. Reputable Facility. Get a referral from someone you know whose tattoo art you admire. Also, inquire as to the specific artist. Talent can vary greatly even at any given facility.

2. Basic Black. The easiest color for a laser to remove is black if you ever decide to get rid of your tattoo. The next easiest grouping of colors that respond quickly to laser removal are red, orange, and purple. Greens and blues, especially turquoise represent the greatest challenge to laser removal and can be quite costly to remove.

3. Size & Location. Keep it small to start, no larger than your fist. Avoid the hands and neck for anyone.  And women report regretting the shoulders and ankles.

4. Choose Timeless Content. What’s in style this year may not be next year. The name or logo of a band or the name of a lover are often regretted.

5. Communicate. Clearly state your objectives to your artist and have them repeat it back to you to be sure they understand. Never say, “Use your judgment, whatever you think.”

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