Monday, January 6, 2014

BOTOX® Cosmetic Price Increase

We have just been notified of a price increase from Allergan, the manufacturer of BOTOX® Cosmetic.   We continue to stand by our pledge to continue to acquire our BOTOX® Cosmetic directly from the U.S manufacturer and supplier, Allergan in Irvine, CA.   As I have pointed out in the past, rising costs may motivate some practices to cut corners and seek out product at a discount through re-importation from Canada and other countries.  This is outside the boundaries of FDA regulation and customers should be cautious if BOTOX® Cosmetic pricing at other facilities seems "too good to be true."   The integrity and quality of the products we inject into your face remain our highest priority.  That said, regretfully, we must increase our prices slightly ($30) to compensate for the increase in supply costs.  We apologize for any inconvenience to you. We will continue to offer specials and deliver BOTOX® Cosmetic to you at the best prices we are able. 

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